Port Hole Scenes

This is one of a few similar pieces Scott has done lately. It's made from an antique port hole and has two layers of fused glass. The fish and underwater scene is hand painted and inspired by the St. Lawrence River.

This piece features a quote by Henry David Thoreau, "The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams." Check out The Keeping of Bees on our blog to see a little bit about what this quote means to us. The piece is hand painted and done on fused Lamberts glass. The leather strap is hand made as well, and stamped with our Glass Goat bee. The piece can be purchased on our Etsy site, just follow the link in the navigation bar.

 The Keeping of Bees

 Glass Roundies

Our Glass Roundies are made from glass rondels created by Lorraine Austin of Snake Oil Glassworks in Skaneateles, NY and hand made leather straps for hanging. Scott recently spent a day with Lorraine working on the glass rondels. You can see some of the videos and photos he took on our blog. The rondels can be purchased on our Etsy store, and more colors and sizes will be added soon!