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Win limits: Winning something is better than losing Everyone wants to walk away a winner. Cashing out a winner is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and it’s the ultimate goal of everyone who gam- bles But remember — one of the worst feelings is dumping all your winnings back when you’re up a lot and then losing for the day. So quitting when you win a predetermined amount ensures that you have some winning days during your visit. Some people set up target goals, such as quitting when they get ahead of their daily bankroll by 50 percent or 100 percent. If you wisely add your pro- fits back into your bankroll (rather than spending them), you have a larger buffer to withstand future negative swings.

Keep in mind that quitting early never helps you in the long term because you have absolutely no way of knowing when the cards are going to turn for the day. But you reap a tremendous psychological benefit if you stop playing when you win a certain amount. Looking at Casino Credit and Its Risks Most people feel safer using credit cards rather than cash on vacation because, if stolen, credit is easier to replace than cash. But you have to turn that strategy on its head on gambling vacations.

If you want to play it safe when gambling, always use cash instead of credit. The more credit you use (or perhaps abuse), the more you have to replace when you get home. For example, if you set a personal loss limit of $400 and blow your $400 in cash, stopping is easier because you’re out of money. But with a $2,000 credit line, after you burn through the first $400, you can still tap into more funds, which can ultimately lead to serious debt trouble. This section explains the downside of relying on casino credit. But there are also some advantages to casino credit, so I explain how to set it up and when to use that credit in a positive way.


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