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Support The Galleria is staffed by volunteers who are passionate about gaming. We are always in need of support. The amount of time we put into Galleria is much more than just writing reviews and listing games. We do hold free events, have tournaments and more. Donate We are not a for-profit website. We are a free website that relies on donations to stay alive. The Gaming section of Galleria is staffed by volunteers who put in their time out of the goodness of their hearts. If you would like to donate something to the Galleria, you can donate via PayPal to our Paypal account, and your donation will go directly to us. Contact us If you have any comments or problems, contact us via email at Game Review WARNING:This review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk. CONTACT:If you would like to contact us, or if you have any comments, questions or problems, contact us via email at galleria@gamers.comQ: Stereo earplugs I'd like to purchase a set of'stereo earplugs' to block out stereo from the cinema. Can anyone recommend a set they've used and what they found to be the best thing to use? A: I'm personally a fan of the "Etymotic Research ER-3" (google it) which can be found at many places online, including Amazon. These are earplugs, and their purpose is to provide your hearing with a constant amplification of very high frequencies. (1) From wikipedia: Owing to the very nature of the way the brain processes sound, a loud sound is not perceived as loud if the frequency range is wider. Even though the intensity of the sound is the same, the brain processes the sounds with a wider range of frequencies as a soft sound, and this is what the ER-3 aims to amplify. Q: How to change the color of a variable in a function I have tried a few times but can't figure out how to change the color of a variable inside a function. When I run the code below the variable (N and w) are greyed out and the function itself is white. #define DIST_SQR(i) ((i)*(i)) float getDistSq




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Steam Info Box Templates
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