The Salty Pup: Dry January Recipe

Happy New Year! I know a lot of people are participating in #dryjanuary this year, so I though I'd provide a few non-alcoholic cocktail recipes over the next couple of weeks that are just as special as their boozy counterparts! Some will be variations on classic cocktails, while others will be unique. First up: The Salty Pup, a variation on one of my favorite citrusy cocktails- The Salty Dog:

I used pomelo instead of grapefruit as the base for this recipe because I love the aromatic, floral quality of this citrus. It's less intense and bitter than a lot of grapefruit varieties. However, grapefruit can be used in its place in this recipe- just halve the amount of lime juice. I rimmed the glass with tajin and sea salt for a bit of spiciness and contrast. If you can't find tajin, you can use a little chili powder instead, or stick with just the sea salt. The glass pictured can be purchased from HERE. The muddler is hand carved, made by Atlantic & Yale.

The Salty Pup:

half a fresh pomelo

.5 oz fresh lime juice

.25 oz simple syrup

1 pomelo segment

soda water

sea salt


*This recipe can be doubled for a larger serving*

Remove rind from the pomelo and muddle the citrus segments in a pint glass with simple syrup & lime juice.

Shake pomelo, simple syrup, and lemon juice with ice until frosty.

Rim rocks glass with lime juice, tajin, & sea salt. Fill with ice.

Strain shaker into glass and top with soda water.

Garnish with pomelo segment.

Sprinkle a little of the tajin/sea salt mixture on top.

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