Cold Green Tea

The only downside of having Wood Fired Pizza Saturdays is having "Oh wow I ate too much" Sundays and Mondays. This refreshing green tea drink is a perfect calming detox to get you through!

Eucalyptus Mint Green Tea

4-5 mint leaves

1 tsp dried eucalyptus leaves (found at specialty or health food stores)

1 tbsp Gunpowder green tea

lime zest

Combine mint, eucalyptus, and green tea in a tea infuser in a glass.

Start with a little hot water (just enough to cover the infuser) to get the tea activated.

Fill with cold still water and top with ice cubes.

Zest a lime on top.

To make this drink into a refreshing cocktail, replace some of the water with 1 oz gin. You can also substitute sparkling water in place of the still.

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