Glass Goat Yoga

We're so excited to announce Glass Goat Yoga this summer at River Road Farm. The dates will be 07/09/2017, 08/13/2017, & 08/20/2017. The cost is $25.00/person and includes a t-shirt with artwork by Scott Ouderkirk, and designed by Ken Gifford. Email to receive instructions for reserving your spot!

The classes will be taught by Certified Yoga Instructor Alicia Mitchelson. Here are some thoughts from Alicia on what her yoga practice means to her, and the benefits of goat yoga:

I received my 200 hour certification in 2014 at Infinite Light with Tony Riposo. I knew right away it was the best decision of my life.

Practice not to be perfect, but to evolve your body, and mind. Yoga has allowed me to slow down and take in the beauty of each moment- Honoring that there will always be off days, but when you allow your mind to stay present rather than worrying about tomorrow, the future, or the past you learn so much about others, life, and yourself. I teach from the heart, and my love for yoga.

Yoga has many outstanding benefits- Physical, mental, and spiritual. With the new trend- Goat Yoga- on the rise, I believe there are many legitimate benefits with combining the magic and beauty of nature, animals, and yoga. Goats are very playful and bring out the fun in class. The class will be open to all levels-- No experience needed!

I want to emphasis the benefits of animal therapy, and the happiness we feel when around animals. Being around and playing with animals has been shown to raise levels of serotonin and dopamine and decrease stress hormones. Spending time with animals has also been linked to increased longevity and a healthier heart.

During our practice, we will allow our mental troubles, and stress to fade away as we welcome the goats around us. No expectations, just being present outdoors, bathing in the sunshine, and feeling the beautiful simplicity and pureness of nature & animals while focusing on our breath, and a fun creative sequence.

-Alicia Mitchelson

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