Glass Goat Yoga

We're super excited to announce that we will be hosting Goat Yoga here at River Road Farm this summer! The classes will be taught by Alicia Mitchelson, and will occur three times on Sundays through July & August.

Our goat yoga classes will take place in our goat pasture at River Road Farm, with a view of the St. Lawrence River, among our Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Nigerian Dwarves are super friendly goats, and ours in particular love people and are really social. They're smaller than many other breeds, so they make the perfect yoga companions. The babies are super adventurous, so don't be surprised if one hops onto your back during downward dog!

We think it's a fantastic way to bring a little extra levity and relaxation to the practice of yoga. We never feel more relaxed than after spending an hour cuddling and playing with the goats. Dates and times will be announced in the next week.

Email to be added to our Goat Yoga mailing list!

In the meantime, here are Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove hopping and playing around last summer:

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