Capturing the Work

We post a lot of images of our work on facebook, instagram, and our blog. We print the images on note cards, posters, and in books. Our work comes in different sizes and shapes which leads to issues for us in lighting and backgrounds. Sometimes we have to come up with creative ideas so that we can manage to get the effects we want.

This image shows Kenny trying shooting our new mermaid piece, which has yet to be named. It is a rather large circle, quite a bit bigger than any of our light boxes so the image was taken in several different sections with Kenny standing on the work table. He then put the 5 images together digitally in Photoshop. Light boxes are a good tool for even lighting, but depending on what the lighting source is, they can totally change the color of the original in the final image. Photoshop is great for improving images and tailoring them to the final use.

Often I find that creating the original art feels much easier than finding a good way to get an image of it out there for all of you to see. Kenny has been instrumental in improving this process and is another example of how everyone works together here at Glass Goat and River Road Farm.

The final Mermaid piece

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