Visiting a River Legend

We have been spending too much time stoking the wood stove in the Glass Goat studio, so a couple of days ago Kenny and I made our way to Omar, NY to visit the studio of 1000 Islands artist Will Salisbury. You may know him as the man who created the giant crows that you can see on the side of NYS Rt. 81 southbound just past the Alexandria Bay entrance. Will is a legend on and around the St Lawrence River and I felt meeting him was an important component of Kenny's (and my) ongoing river education. There are always cool projects going on in Will's studio and just by hanging out I usually hear a river story about something or somebody from Will. One of his ongoing projects is the steel figures that Will is hoping to install on a piece of land. As he finishes them the figures are galvanized and powder coated to be protected for a couple of hundred years. We've included a couple of shots of the figures below. He also showed us the small steel crow sculpture that he had recently finished that he would present that night to actor Viggo Mortensen. What a great piece! It is easy to get caught up with all the work that needs to be done in the studio and on the farm, forget to look out at that beautiful view we have, and lose sight of the reason we decided to settle down here in the first place. This place called the 1000 Islands is full of talented figures, interesting characters and beautiful spots to be. Taking time and making an attempt to enjoy each one is not an easy job, but we will continue to give it a shot.

Will's partially finished figure seems to be planning mutiny as he welds the leg back on our chicken yard art piece

Closeup of finished figures that are part of what Will refers to as his legacy project

Closeup of one of Will's figures showing his build up technique

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