Hot Honey Toddy

This honey hot toddy recipe is perfect to warm you up on a cold winter day. It's been especially dreary and windy here at River Road Farm lately, so this is just the thing! The teacup used in the photos can be found HERE Hope you enjoy!

Hot Honey Toddy

juice from half a lemon

1.5 oz bourbon (I used Hudson Baby Bourbon- yum!)

1.5 oz hot water

1 tbsp honey

lemon wheel and 5 clove studs for garnish

Add honey to cup

Pour over hot water

Add bourbon and lemon juice and stir

I use a lemon wheel with clove studs to add extra brightness to the drink with the aroma of the lemon peel and the warmth of the clove. This recipe can be multiplied to serve in a glass pitcher. Cheers!

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