Raising Our Own Food

At River Road Farm, we strive to improve our sustainability and minimize our environmental impact as much as we can. We recognize that nobody's perfect, and the best way to live sustainably is to make improvements where possible. It's not all or nothing; it's about doing what we can to reduce our impact. To this end, we try to raise as much of our own food as possible. Each year we plan to do this a little more, both with our garden and our livestock.

We think humanely raised meat not only tastes better and provides health benefits, but is an important aspect of our ethos here at River Road Farm. Our pigs spend their whole lives here on our farm, and are butchered less than an hour away. They aren't raised in crowded pens and fed hormones to increase their size. They live happy farm lives until the very last day.

Eating only meat we raise here lowers our carbon footprint by a lot. A huge problem with factory farming is not only the issue with the terrible treatment of animals, but also the fact that meat often makes many long trips to get to its final destination. By raising our own pigs we can keep our carbon footprint low while ensuring we know exactly what goes into our meat and how the animals are treated during their lifetimes.

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